Hey there, gorgeous! I’m Amanda Hoffay- I’m loud but lady-like while laughing.

I’m a graphic designer, photographer and brand strategist. I’m obsessed with mood boards, small town vibes and gathering people.

My plans were to be a teacher; I went to Edinboro University for Elementary and Special Education. But, it was always design, I just didn’t know it. It was fall–a Saturday afternoon and I was in the third grade. The sunshine was best in our indoor front porch. I sprawled out on the floor next to the white wicker furniture with a pizza box from the night before and my mom’s craft supplies. My mom was sitting there next to me, chatting on the phone. She watched from above as I designed my first board game. I planned it all out: the name, concept, how to win, all the matching pieces. It had to function as a game but also look fabulous, so I took my time with the details. I loved the process–organizing all the information while creating a story to make the game fun. Watching my family play when it was complete was incredibly rewarding. That was my first memory creating something from nothing and I work to recreate that feeling with my clients today.

I’m a huge fan of the Gilmore Girls; I’ve lost count of the times I’ve watched the series. The amount of coffee, banter, and the mother-daughter bond definitely makes the show interesting and relatable. But, it’s the small town and the people that give me all the feels. I searched for this town when we moved to North Carolina, and I found my “Stars Hollow” in Fuquay-Varina. I fell in love with this town and the people so much, that I volunteered my time for the Fuquay-Varina Downtown Association. I loved serving the small businesses and was truly inspired. I knew when we started Illume Collective I wanted to continue serving small business owners. People really light me up; they inspire me to create–I love to make people feel and celebrate their uniqueness.

When I am not in front of my computer with a giant iced coffee designing, I am probably still planning and writing down my endless to-do list. I love to entertain and gather, whether that’s here in North Carolina or visiting friends and family in Pennsylvania. Although we were just in Disney World, my husband and I are always planning our next trip! We have a dog and cat, Luna and Loki, so we spend our Saturdays at the dog park and Sundays taking cat naps. As I get older, I do enjoy some alone time with a face mask, Lauren Daigle, and my bible. I really enjoy a cozy coffee shop, so next time, let’s grab a coffee and collaborate!


Hi friend! I’m Jena Chow–I survive on coffee, crossword puzzles + concerts.

I have been creating art since I developed fine motor skills. I discovered Photoshop and taught myself HTML at 17 so I could code my own Myspace page. Being extra in 2003 was a lot more work than it is today.

Having grown up in the humid North Carolina summers, I now enjoy staying indoors, being pale and air conditioning. You can find me in my home studio, binge watching Disney movies while slaying print collateral in InDesign.

Often overtaken by wanderlust, my free-time is spent traveling with my husband, Jason. I find a lot of inspiration while travelingEuropean style and Swiss design give me life. When I’m not designing, I’m at home refereeing our dog, Harriet and two cats, Chloe & Zorro.